Gold Objest Hach Watch - RRP £419

RRP £419

The Hach watch is by design studio Objest.

The timepiece features a numberless dial and a hatched pattern that breaks up the dial into the twelve points of a traditional watch face.

** Please note the watch has no box ** The watch has a plastic cover on the front, with a few scratches on the reverse. ****The watch will require a new battery, hence the discounted price.


The dial is etched on two levels to create a sense of depth and to give a slight shimmer effect when catching the light. To add another layer of sophistication the dial has a two tone colour. The lower level is darker and the top is a lighter hue.

All of the watches are Swiss-made and feature stainless steel cases with matte finishes and an accent coloured hour hand.

Case material: 316L Stainless steel

Mechanism: Ronda 503 Quartz

Strap: Leather, Strap length: 238mm, Strap width: 18mm

Water resistance: 5ATM

Colour Gold



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