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Elephant Key Ring, Sand
Elephant Key Ring, Sand £12.00 £16.00
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Familia £25.00
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Moment Black
Moment Black £29.00
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Mood Mask
Mood Mask Sold Out - £7.00
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Portmonnaie £25.00
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Rhom Trivet Charcoal
Rhom Trivet Charcoal £15.00
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Room Trivet Light Grey
Room Trivet Light Grey £15.00
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Room Trivet Rust
Room Trivet Rust £15.00
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Tann Toothbrush
Tann Toothbrush from £2.75 £4.00
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Wonderful Copenhagen Poster 70 x 50cm
Wonderful Copenhagen Poster 70 x 50cm £28.00
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Wood Mug Pink
Wood Mug Pink Sold Out - £13.00
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Wood Mug White
Wood Mug White Sold Out - £13.00
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Ex Display Furniture & Lighting Sale

April 07, 2017

EX DISPLAY SALE DUE TO RELOCATIONThe Hay Mags Modular sofa was designed to have a simplistic shape, but have the highest quality details in terms of composition, durability and suspension.  Now with 30% off. The Hay Woody High Shelves take on a modern interpretation of an old traditional ladder-inspired shelving system. Just as Eames intended, the Lounge Chair and Ottoman conveys the impression of a soft, well-used baseball glove, inviting the user to sink back into it and relax.  Now with 20% off. The Wrong for Hay Serve Table's unique edge detail pays homage to traditional steam bending techniques in a contemporary manner.  We have two different sizes in the ex-display sale. String Shelving is a highly flexible system of storage which lends...

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