Fox Lounge Chair - in Shine Velvet Mustard Fabric

The 300-190 Armchair, called "Lisek", is one of the most famous designs of its era - in the 1960s it could be found in almost every cafe or club. It is the second, after 366, most popular armchair of those years in Poland. A wide, comfortable seat and a clear, Scandinavian form make the Fox Lounge Chair a perfect piece of furniture for the living room, office or, as in the past, in a club-cafe. The Fox Lounge Chair is made of exclusive ash wood with brass details.


366 strive to ensure their products are as close to nature as possible, sustainably sourced and manufactured. All their glues, varnishes and polishes are water-based.

The SHINE VELVET collection is synonymous with softness and chic. Velvet has delighted since its arrival in Europe, providing a royal feel. Shine Velvet is highly tactile fabric, available in a soft color palette. It’s very shiny, thanks to it beautifully harmonizes with light, changing the shade depending on the time of day.

Colour shades may slightly vary from dye-lot to dye-lot.


Dimensions: W62 x D70 x H78 cm Seat Height 40cm


Made to Order, approx 6-8 weeks