Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp

Petite Friture and Constance Guisset, an inseparable duo with lofty ambitions, have started a new chapter of the Vertigo story with Vertigo Nova: a highly technical piece of sophisticated design.

The vast veil of graphic lines mounted atop a sphere of handblown glass uses built-in LED technology to emit a soft light.

A line that comes in black or white, for two subtly different moods: opalescent white on white, or ashen grey on black for the pinnacle of sophistication.

In white, light bursts out of the globe bathing the room in luxuriant rays.

The light’s designer describes the subdued mood of the delicate glow in its black version as “light becoming a sensation and a glowing presence, like the soft haze of frosted glass, it creates mystery.” Constance Guisset

Materials: Fiberglass, steel, polyurethane, Triplex glass, aluminum
Base and tube in steel with hidden cables

Dimensions: Ø: 110 cm | 43.3 inch
2 positions : 1,65m or  2m  | 64.97 or 78.75 inch


Approx 3-4 weeks