Glasgow's Merchant City!

May 17, 2016

Our TOJO Store moved to the Glasgow's Merchant City over a year ago now so we thought we'd take the opportunity to celebrate our new home with a look at this great little area of the city.

Built and developed in the mid-1700s, as a product of the flourishing shipping trade, the area was known for its large warehouse style buildings, wide streets and numerous open squares that would later play a key role in the Merchant City's shift towards the fruit, vegetable and cheese markets that would characterise the area throughout the 19th century and beyond. 

Sadly the whole of the Merchant City fell in to a decline in the 1960s after the council evacuated a huge number of the buildings to allow for demolition following plans to build a huge ring-road around the centre of Glasgow, as is often the way, these plans were eventually shelved in the 1980s and a plan was put in place to revitalise the now near-deserted area. 

Still being revitalised to this day, the area is now home to a number of new shops, galleries, restaurants, the Royal Concert Hall and a host of revolving street markets and bespoke events. With that in mind, we've put together a list of some of our favourite establishments below! 


Orro Jewellery 
12 Wilson Street
"Minimalist contemporary retailer with a design-your-own option and limited edition watches."
Dog House
99 Hutcheson Street
"We are tearing up the Merchant City in true BrewDog style – leading with amazing food but also celebrating the majesty of beer at every turn."
Wilson Street Pantry
6 Wilson Street
Independent cafe, deli and shop serving great food and coffee!  
Primo Barbers
18 Wilson Street
Super trendy gentlemen's barber with a great reputation!
Merchant Square
Albion Street
"A Victorian covered courtyard which is home to various bars, cafes and restaurants."
Old Fruitmarket
 The City Halls and Old Fruitmarket is an amazing concert hall and former market, totally hidden from view!
Spitfire Espresso
127 Candleriggs
New, independent coffee shop serving great coffee and food!
The Beer Cafe
78 Candleriggs
"One of the best Merchant City Bars offering Worldwide Beers including a selection of 90 beers to choose from and a great range of pies!"
18 Montrose
18 Monstrose Street
"An exciting new concept store set over 4,000sq ft and two floors of a Georgian building."

And last, but by no means least...


20 Wilson Street
Our concept store in the heart of Merchant City, offering a modern
collection of products and objects - from furniture and lighting to brilliant accessories.
Come and pay us a visit!