July 06, 2016


by Muuto


One of the most solid and dependable brands that TOJO works with, Muuto are a Scandinavian design giant, led by some of the most noted contemporary designers in their respective fields.

Also covering a wide range of furniture and accessories, we thought that we'd highlight some of our favourite products in their Lighting range, from small singular bulb of the E52 pendant to the giant Under The Bell - check them out below and order them all, in various colours, via the links to our webstore! 


Unfold Lamp - £119

The soft silicone rubber gives Unfold a modern and warm personality. The designers interpretation of the industrial design classic comes in a refined material that gives the lamp a modern and warm appearance.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/unfold-pendant-lamp


Under The Bell – £525 / £393.75 (Ex-display sale item available here)

Under The Bell is a large lamp that creates a new space within a space. It's eye-catching design can also help to absorb noise and improve the acoustics in large rooms and creates a sense of shelter while adding a strong statement to any setting.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/under-the-bell-pendant-lmap


Grain - £95

The Grain lamp brings a new perspective to the pendant lamp genre by combining a classic minimalistic design with the use of innovative new materials. Small grains of fiber in the lamp’s material bring subtle changes in colour and shade. The lamp is equipped with a high quality LED light bulb that lasts for up to 10.000 hours.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/grain


Mhy – £135 / £99 (Ex-display sale item available here)

The playful shape of MHY draws inspiration from illustrations and characters from our childhood's literature. The neat size of Mhy allows the pendant to be mounted in clusters or rows over your kitchen table, dining table, etc.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/mhy-pendant-lamp


Wood Lamp - £119

Designed by TAF Architects, the Wood lamp offers a contemporary, all-wooden interpretation of the traditional architect lamp. Focusing on simplicity, the lamp aims to provide an alternative to other more complex products. Wood is made from high quality pine wood and can be used as a desk lamp, bedside lamp or in other settings.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/wood-lamp


Ambit - £209

The Ambit lamp shade is made from old brazier traditions, press spun by hand, polished and finally hand-painted. The Ambit pendant comes in 5 different colours and has a white-painted inside which adds a delicate contrast while also ensuring that maximum light is emitted from the lamp.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/ambit


E27 - £52

E27 departs from the essence of a lamp - the socket – creating a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity. The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with. It represents something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same time.

Order online: http://tojodesign.com/products/e27-pendant-lamp